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Our story

Yapla offers tailored web & mobile development. We’re a niche development company focussing on quality delivery without “headaches”.

A consultative design approach with hard implementation skills and professional followup, ensures we can co-create about anything.

How we work

The principles we live by

Focus on User Experience

Our focus is always the end-user. An application will be successful if it’s easy and delightful to use.

Multi-disciplinary teams

Co-creation from start to finish, that’s our goal. Good ideas will come from anyone and our goal is to eliminate the typical gap between client and supplier.

Iterative prototyping

Nothing is set in stone. Short iterations allow us to be agile. New ideas can influence the product design at any time.

Qualitative, maintainable code

Writing maintainable and qualitative code requires attention in every phase of the product lifecycle. Every line of code is thoroughly tested which will result in less down-time and lower support costs down the road.

Our approach

Product discovery


This phase has the purpose of validating the briefing and clearing up any questions or misunderstandings. In the center of this validation-proces is shadowing. We want to understand the end-users problem as much as we can by observing every move.
A delightful User Experience is hidden in the details. Shadowing allows us to discover these subtle details.



Once we understand the end-user’s painpoints we start wireframing the new application. The result will show the general flow of the application and the features of every screen. Iterating more quickly and making adjustments to the design without getting lost in too much detail is the goal. After that, we’ll go for a pixel-perfect design, implement your branding, think about delightful details and end up with a clear view of what will be built.



Now it’s time to start writing code. Yapla develops iteratively following the Agile-Scrum principal. The process is divided in mini-projects (sprints). After every sprint we do a demo to show the client what we’ve worked on. The main advantage of this method is quickly getting a working product for the end-users so we can process as much feedback as possible in the next iterations.



Once the application goes live, we don’t just run away. We’ll support  the application and the client in the daily routine and keep the product healthy by doing the necessary updates and fixes if needed.

Some of our recent projects

City of Antwerp

A mobile-first web application to facilitate the file management and workflow of city-supervisors on the streets of Antwerp.

The challenge was to get a very complex workflow in an easy to use application including many back-end integrations with existing systems.



Clear’em became a timesaving and easy-to-use tool to manage intellectual property rights for events and festivals. Clear’em makes sure the clearing process is smooth, quick and easy for all parties involved.

The challenge was overall security and many different user-roles who each had their own custom views in the app.


A Native app (iOS & Android) to look for available parking spots. Additionally we’ve built a complementary web application to manage the company’s parking lots. Thanks to voice assistants, driver’s are able to safely ask if there are any spots available without having to open the app.

The challenge was to design an app for drivers that was safe and easy to use.

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